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Glass Lab has a range of professional equipment available for you to rent and help you to develop your glass practice.  We know someties that extra bit of kit is what's needed to take your work to the next level, but that it's not practical or affordable for everyone to have their own kilns, sandblaster or cold working equipment.  Come use ours!

Before you gain access to these machines you need to have an induction to learn how to properly use them, appropriate Health and Safety procedures, and how to leave them ready for the next user.  These sessions will last for one hour, and will include time for you use the machine. (** Please note: these induction sessions are intended to train you on the use of our machines and assume you have prior knowledge of the techniques themselves. **)

Glass sandblaster Scotland.jpg


Our "monster" sandblaster it is one of the largest in Edinburgh and, personally, one of the best tools a glass designer might have.  Come check it out!

One hour session.

£ 20.00

manual drill.jpg

Glass Drill

Our water-fed glass drill will not just allow you to drill holes in your glass projects, but you can also use the inside roundels in jewellery projects or intricate inlay designs.

We have a range of sizes of diamond coated drill bits.

One hour session.

£ 20.00

Glass Belt Grinding Machine Linisher. jp



Our Linisher/belt sander for glass grinder will help you cold work the edges of your glass.

One hour session.

£ 20.00

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