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This is a course to introduce you into the amazing world of fired paint on glass.

Suitable for complete beginners and perfect for those who wants to bring their stained glass practice to another level.



On this workshop we'll learn just one of the hundred techniques that can be used to paint on glass. 

This is a technical course, and we'll be copying an existing image (provided by us). 

You will learn to reproduce the closest possible the images given in order to learn the technique. 

so, no worriers: you don't need any drawing or designing skills. Just copy trace your choosen image.



On this course we'll cover he basis of working with glass paint: how to mix it (with different mediums), various techniques for using it to paint, and kiln firing.


We'll use the first day clove oil as a medium and we'll work with dip pens to trace our lines.

On the second day we'll practice the shading, this time using water as a medium and different brushes.

We'll learn also to use a background matt, or use silver staing to tint yellow parts of our design.


Work from the second day will be fired overnight and can be collected the week after .


After attending this workshop you will be ready to apply your knowledge and experience in your personal projects and your own portraits and paintings.


Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm (with half an hour break for lunch) 

Sunday, 10 pm to 4 pm  (with half an hour break for lunch) 


All tools, equipment and consumables provided. 

What to bring : Please wear comfortable clothing in layers. The process can get mucky, so please bring a smock or work apron!​  Closed-toed shoes are required, and socks are advised.  Bring a pencil, pen and paper for notes -- and a pack lunch!

PORTRAITS. An introduction to glass painting

VAT Included
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