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Every single object produced in our studio it is an original and unique crafted piece.

As in the fishmonger, every fish of this collection it it unique.

It is cut in a iridescent glass, then painted with the traditional technique of the grisaille and fired in the kiln at 650 °C.

Once cooled down, I grid the edges of the glass and apply a thin layer of copper, that later it will be covered with solder.

Finally, I will apply a black patina to chango the shiny color of solder into black/grey.

Every fish comes with a small copper hanger attached to the body and a string of fishing wire.

Every fish comes on its own metal tin, that I hope you will reuse to store precious stuff.

Size of the box: 25 x 15 x 5 cm

Their ideal habitat is in your window, as they need light passing through to show tall their beauty.

Tin Fish. Turbot